Cromweld Hardtwerk

Pyromaniac sorcerer/mad chef. The Stringy One, Champion of Deadgoblin. Also dead.


Lvl 6, Human Halfling Wight Weird-ass meat construct Sorcerer. Chaotic Neutral.
Worships Tymora, Goddess of Luck. It has not done him much good.


  • Cromweld’s Crowbar
  • Sorcerer’s Swiped Sword
  • Cromweld’s Combustible Cocktail


  • STR 08
  • DEX 17
  • CON
  • INT 14
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 19

HP: 35 AC: 16


Cromweld’s parents placed him out of fear in the care of st. Bettina’s Home for Abominable Children, when his magical powers manifested (very crispy cattle) at a young age.
After several years of pious abuse, Cromweld bluffed his way out and escaped in a stolen caravan.
Desperate to get as far away as possible, his escape resulted in his stolen horse dying of thirst and his caravan wedged stuck in a Arabellian alleway. His now less mobile home and lack of cash forced him to take residence in the alley, using his prevoius experience in forced kitchen duty to open up a small fast food business while also avoiding the prying eyes of the War Wizards.

Cromweld travelled to the Stonelands with the expedition for a fresh start. So far he haven’t found any form of start whatsoever, only death and a cruel resurrection.
Yet he is willing to do whatever it takes to defend his new home, gladly using his magical ability to hone his latent passion of setting things on fire and even trying to sort out his xenophobic tendencies.

For the time being he’s trying to figure out how his now deceased state may be of use to the founding of Deadgoblin while not being the target of a angry mob with torches and pitchforks.

Cromweld struck a deal with Daniel (the Necromancer) to reconstruct him to resemble his former shape (and height). The deal was to clear the tomb believed to hold the ancient artifact known simply as “the Egg of the Serpent”. Cromweld and his motley crew failed.
After barely escaping a horrible trap (which Cromweld may or may not have set off) and the wrath of a rather irate medusa, they returned to the Wizard Coven’s camp only to find Daniel (the Necromancer) dead. Dead men can claim no bargain. The Stringy One, Champion of Deadgoblin, Cromweld Hardtwerk lives on to be dead another day.

Cromweld Hardtwerk

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