sr. Edwin Harlock

Knight in shining armor


Lvl 4 human paladin.


Sr. Harlock is in many ways the stereotypical knight in shining armor. He is tall, muscular and blonde, and wears red tabards over a breastplate adorned with silver.

He is kind hearted, martially brilliant and about as clever as a dog. Luckily, he has been assigned an advisor, the cleric Teryon, to guide him on his endeavors.

Sr. Harlock has served most of his life under the Red Knight, the goddess of planning and strategy. It may seem strange that the clergy wants such a simple minded servant amidst their ranks of tacticians and intellectuals, but no war can be fought with officers alone, and Edwin is seen by his superiors more as a hammer than a carpenter, a tool to be pointed in the right direction.

After winning the Shieldmeet tournament in Arabel, sr. Harlock was appointed to lead the expedition to retake the Stonelands. It has proven difficult given his lack of experience with leadership, and had it not been for Teryon and the other PC’s help, the expedition would probably have failed allready.

He is currently under mental siege by Saeyir Veluthriel, who wants to take his position from him to further his own ends.

sr. Edwin Harlock

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