Horst Tappert

The little green one


Half green dragon (LA+3) halfling lvl 2 monk, LN


Fortune seeker, brawler and drunkard, Horst is a strange character indeed. He has traveled from his home in the western heartlands to escape the social stigma that comes with being green, scaly and more than a little insane, looking for a new place to settle down. The Stonelands offered him the perfect opportunity for this. The expedition is too small to discard him because of his demeanor, especially since he is their most deadly fighter, exept perhaps sr. Harlock himself. Furthermore, he can hold his own well enough to survive even if the expedition as a whole should fail.

Horst is about three feet tall, with red hair and covered in green scales. He likes to dress up as fancy as possible, even to the point of applying makeup, to make people underestimate him. This has a tendency to work, as the average bully don’t expect such a queer looking little halfling to be literally as strong as an ox.

Horst Tappert

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