Saeyir Veluthriel

Elf crusader/decieving cunt, former player character


Fey’ri (LA+2) lvl 2 crusader, CE

Saeyir is not a spellcaster per se, but has some useful spell like abilities. However, having to explain where he got them would mean telling people he is part demon, and so he tries to avoid using them openly.


Fleeing from his home in Evereska after his clan was exposed as demonfey, Saeyir is on the hunt for power. He has seen his chance in an expedition to retake a part of the Cormyrean wilderness and turn it into a bastion of civilization. Saeyir is currently in good standing among the settlers, except for the expedition leader sr. Edwin Harlock and his advisor Teryon, who rightfully distrusts him.

Saeyir looks like something spat out of hell, with red scaly skin, bat wings and eyes that burn with the eternal fires of the abyss. Fortunately, all fey’ri have the ability to change their appearance at will, and Saeyir usually travels disguised as a middle aged moon elf.

Saeyir Veluthriel

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